The Problem

“My engineers spend 25% of their time on data processing.” - Dr. Michael Slater, Senior Scientist, Farasis Energy

“We have too much data [to analyze by hand]” – Sr. Scientist, Energ2

“The Land software is very, very lacking.” – Princeton University Professor

“…it would be EXCELLENT to be able to check on my cells from home” – University of Washington Researcher

“A few graph customization options would be nice… without an hour of copy/paste” – Engineer, Polaris Labs

“Battery testing equipment is the #1 cost for battery startups.” – Professor Devin MacKenzie, CTO, Imprint Energy Department of Materials Science, University of Washington

The Solution

For our go-to-market strategy, Cloud Instruments is building a platform for battery testing and analytics. In the future, this analytics platform will be extended to address additional Internet of Things devices. Our platform automates data handling, storage, and visualization - tasks that take between 10 - 20 hours of a battery engineer's time to minutes! We provide real-time access to battery production data and send alerts when quality standards are not met. 

Our software may be downloaded and evaluated for free by academic users, but a license must be purchased for continued use. Our strategy to compete comprises of these core points:

  • Establish our product as the go-to community-supported software for academic use
  • Become indispensable so that researchers who move into professional industry work will want to use our enterprise-level software due to familiarity
  • Build machine learning models on top of community-driven data input
  • Partner with premier electrochemical societies to discover new data science tools and analyses

Partner testing equipment hardware is collecting data (for example current and voltage from batteries), it stores data and executes offline processing to make decisions. Our state-of-the-art user interface is based on modern web design practices and brings battery testing equipment up to date. We will enable users to track and even alter experiments from a remote location. Our cloud-integrated software platform stores collected experimental data to servers that may be accessed at any time and from any location, enabling researchers to analyze data anywhere.

We deliver the automated data handling and data analysis tools that address the pain points of power users. Cloud Instruments provides deeper understanding beyond surface-level performance statistics and focus on predictive analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Automatic Plots: Import your data files and generate plots in just a few clicks, choosing from a large selection of axes combinations
  • Statistical Analysis: Quickly review your data set with statistical analysis and swap between statistical averages to create accurate graphs
  • Deep Insights: Use the power of electronic computation to gain new insights from advanced analyses of your data, such as dQ/dV plots