A Critical Bottleneck for Renewable Energy

A World of Clean Energy

Elon Musk has stated that we are 100 giga-factories away from the world without fossil fuels. We believe that the world will be a better place with renewable energy, and smart battery analytics to enhance the progress of battery development will be crucial towards reaching this goal.

The tools used to process battery data today waste time and money, as battery scientists spend time doing tedious manual work to properly process their data. The few tools available are outdated and unfit to handle the gigabytes of battery testing output. Manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple, rushing to market with new products, are forced to work with incomplete and inadequate analytics due to time constraints. The results can be financially devastating, as in the case of Samsung’s recent defective phone batteries – a clear consequence of incomplete battery understanding.

We are creating software that streamlines data collection and visualization for battery scientists and offers new methods of analysis. Our software as a service product:

  • Parses data from a variety of battery testing hardware
  • Automates hours of tedious Excel work to minutes
  • Reveals previously imperceptible trends using machine learning
  • Identifies potential battery defects and anomalies
  • Generates reports needed for decision making
  • Compiles data in a cloud backup server

Everyone with a mobile phone is acutely aware of the limitations of today's batteries. But the need for better energy storage devices goes well beyond a missed call or forgotten appointment: this bottleneck holds back the deployment of grid-scale renewables (the wind, solar, hydro), and an all-electric vehicle fleet.

Battery Instrument is building the next evolution of battery testing and analytics platform. Our SAAS (software as a service) platform makes future breakthroughs in battery research cheaper and easier by enabling 5x greater throughput for battery tests and savings hours of data processing time each week. Discount prepayment with PayPal here